Mike Erre and the VOX Podcast

I guess you could say that I am a Mike Erre fan when I admit that I have listened, to date, to all 119 episodes including his 9 part series on sex and marriage. Mike used to be a pastor of several churches in California up until he believed that he needed to come back to the great state of Ohio to care for his mom. He currently resides in Columbus. A bonus would be that he is a big Buckeye’s fan! In fact his 119th podcast I thought was morphing into a sports podcast, which, either way is fine with me.

I love Mike’s take on modern day Christianity and his willingness to ask questions, wrestle with topics and the way he gets you to consider other angles. He is never afraid to wade into touchy topics, nor is he not afraid to call out someone else’s poor theology and choices, but always in a gracious and kind way.

Now for the negative: 1) why do you hate on us coffee people, Mike? You are missing out on God’s beverage given to us with grace and love. 2) All you drink is Coors Lite? GROSS! That’s like preferring your water from the toilet. Expand your palette and try a hearty IPA or Lager! You would have so much more respect if you broadened your horizons with your morning and evening beverages!

Overall I love this podcast. My son learned about Mike at college and encouraged me to give his podcast a try. I did, and with the first few episodes I was hooked. I was especially excited when Mike turned out to be a keynote speaker, via Skype, at a conference I attended out in California this past Fall. When you are listening to Mike you can tell he knows his stuff and he isn’t afraid to challenge different views with wisdom and grace. I don’t necessarily agree with him on everything, especially beer and coffee, but he is enjoyable to listen to and he gets you to think and consider different ways of looking at topics that impact the Christian faith. The fact that he records his podcast in his house means that, every once in a while, you have the added bonus of family interruptions which are awesome.

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